3 Must See Beaches in Dominican Republic!


Some of the best beaches we’ve been to are only accessible by boat, which makes it harder for people to get to but when you do, it’s worth it as it hasn’t been exploited by a lot of tourists. Dominican Republic has some of the best rural beaches in the caribbean and we strongly suggest to go visit, especially during whale season where you can find humpback whales swimming under your boat as you make your way to some of the most beautiful beaches.

Below is how we were able to visit our favorite beaches and our description of each place:

You can visit all of the below beaches in one day.  We suggest flying into Santo Domingo Airport.  The drive is two hours away from Samana Bay, where we recommend staying.

We called a local guide to arrange the whole excursion.  They picked us up at the Alizei Hotel (Samana area), where we were staying and it took us 40 minutes to get to Las Galeras. Las Galeras is the beach where you need to go in order to take a boat to the remote beaches.   From there we took a 10 minute boat ride to Playa Rincon, 15 minute ride to Playa Fronton and then 5 minutes to Playa Madama.


Playa Rincon


This beach is perhaps the one beach you must visit if you go to Dominican Republic.  It is off the beaten path as it’s a bit of a trek to get to but well worth the journey.  It’s one of the beaches that has not been too exploited by tourists, therefore, when you arrive you will find white sand that stretches 3-4 miles with water so crystal blue you almost wonder if you’re in paradise.


Playa Madama


When you first approach Playa Madama, you will wonder if you are in the scene of Jurassic Park because of all the greenery.  The secluded beach is small but very charming as it is surrounded by a jungle of tropical palm trees.  You instantly will want to explore and hike around as the tour guides say there are caves you can explore.


Playa Fronton


Although many reviews have voted Playa Rincon to be the best beach in Dominican Republic, many claim that Playa Fronton is the crown jewel of Samana Bay. The overhanging colorful palm trees gives the beach it’s character as you first arrive by boat.  The snorkeling is very fun as you get to see all the beautiful coral reefs around that area.  It’s rural, beautiful and just breathtaking.

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