A Dip in the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is probably one of the most unique trips to the lake you could ever take! Not only is it the lowest place on earth, or super refreshing in this hot climate, but the shores are lined with massive deposits of salt that look like chunks of ice…it is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The high levels of salt increase your buoyancy so you literally float on the surface! It’s true, no effort is needed to stay afloat so leave those life rafts and floaties at home. The sea is land locked between Israel, Palestine, and Jordan and can be easily accessed from any of these locations. If you’re in the area be sure to grab your suit and make a day trip out of it or if you prefer to stay nearby there are a number of resorts and hotels within any budget. We made a day trip to the Ein Gedi area but we passed a number of resorts in the southern area near Ein Bokek and heard there are amazing places in Jordan on the northeast side.

Despite where you go, walk along the shoreline until you find dark black mud. Rub the mud over your skin and allow the mud to begin to dry. Then walk out into the sea to rub the mineral-rich mud off your skin for a silky smooth therapeutic treatment. Note that the salt deposits can be sharp so walk carefully out to the water or wear water shoes to prevent injuries. Also remember that the water is over 8 times saltier than the ocean so we would advise against diving in and dipping your head underwater. If you do, prepare for those eyes to burn…trust us, we learned from first hand experience. Also, try to avoid ingesting the water, besides some adaptive bacteria and algae, nothing can survive in the sea so we advise against drinking the water. It is totally safe to float around out there so hop in and enjoy your therapeutic day floating on the Dead Sea!

Stay gold and safe travels!!

XO, Stephanie

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