About Us


From left to right: Candice, Courtney, Judy, Stephanie


Candice is a hairdresser and has been doing hair for 16 years now. She absolutely loves it! She enjoys making people feel and look great. It is the perfect job for her because it allows her to make her own schedule, which means she gets to travel and see this amazing world often. She has a love and passion for traveling. When she’s not doing hair or on a trip, most likely you would find her doing yoga, hiking, walks along the beach, enjoying music, or eating peanut butter. Anything active or in the sunshine, puts a smile on her face. This world has opened her eyes to so much beauty and she’s excited for the journey that still awaits. Her positive, upbeat attitude and contagious smile can brighten anybody’s day!


Courtney has traveled near and far, high and low, to share with you a little about herself. In doing so she has rediscovered herself once again! That is the art of exploration. The treasures found on modern maps are invaluable gems you learn about yourself. She is a Cali girl by nature, but her curiosity can’t keep her confined to one continent. She looks down out of her office window at the tallest skyscrapers and the highest mountain tops, views that can’t be beat – she is a flight attendant. Her appetite for adventure is a non-stop flight! When she isn’t visiting relatives in Germany, island hopping, or bee bopping, you can probably find her shopping, photo editing, or playing with dogs. Courtney is a burst of energy and will always be a kid at heart.


Judy is Traveling Gold’s beauty connoisseur! With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, she not only loves exploring to see the beauty of this world, but believes beauty is also in the face and how you express it. Whether it’s looking luminous and radiant while traveling near the North Pole, golden and sun-kissed on a tropical island, or effortlessly natural and exotic in the Arabian Desert, her philosophy is that you can have radiant, healthy skin and still look your best while traveling– and make it effortless! She has a big personality in her petite frame. When she isn’t busy working and traveling, she loves the great outdoors, classic cars, and being involved in charity events. She is fun, energetic, and sweet but don’t be fooled, this New Yorker can be feisty and fierce. You can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl!


Stephanie is an accountant for a fortune 500 company and has over 10 years of experience in the financial and accounting industry. Her interest in math and finance, along with her attention to detail, helps to contribute toward the budgeting, planning, and organization of Traveling Gold. While preparing for trips, besides day dreaming of all the upcoming adventures, she researches transportation and accommodation options in an attempt to maximize luxury and fun while minimizing expenses. Stephanie loves traveling, hiking, playing tennis, watching Jimmy Fallon, and volunteering for various causes. When she isn’t busy counting beans, she is out exploring the world, finding the beauty in the people, places, and things that are scattered all over the globe.

  • Erica Morlok

    You ladies are beautiful!!!! Congrates on the new blog!!!

  • Lori Carroll

    Love your Instagram account! I’m so excited for blog!!!

  • Jamie Lowe

    Hey there! I’d love to profile your Instagram feed in an article I’m writing for WhereTraveler.com about the 16 travel Instagram accounts to follow. Please let me know if you’d be open to an interview!

    • TravelingGold

      Hi Jamie! Absolutely, we would love that! Do you want to shoot us an email and we can set something up? info@travelinggold.com

  • Drew Cauthorn

    Live and travel! You all are doing much of what I’m so passionate about. Thanks for feeding the inspiration to others!