Christmas in Jerusalem!


With the holidays approaching have you figured out what you will be doing for Christmas?  Most people spend it with family and many people travel if they can’t make it home.  For those who are planning to travel but still want to have the Christmas spirit during the holidays, I recommend for you to travel to Jerusalem for Christmas!  Whether or not you’re religious, it is a great place for you to learn about the history of this significant city and the influence it has had in history and the world.

During the Christmas holiday, I spent it in Bethlehem and Jerusalem to have a better understanding of Christ’s influence in the world and to follow the footsteps of his life.  It was a spiritual trip where I grew a love and respect for the people there and the different religions that are worshipped in the small city.  In the short few days there, I was able to connect with Christians, Jews and Muslims, and had the best time learning about their religion and how they worship.  This place is rich with history, and despite the political and religious contentions, I’m moved by the spirit of its people.  The Israelis, Palestinians and Arab all love to share their stories and if you enjoy getting to know people and culture, they will open your eyes and will leave a lasting impression in your life as they did with me.

Below is a timeline of some of the highlights of places to visit and explore.  I promise it will be a memorable Christmas if you visit:


December 24th (Christmas Eve) in Bethlehem

One of the biggest celebration in Bethlehem is called Midnight Mass during this day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  People from all over the world, whether you’re religious or not comes here to be part of this spectacular event.  Here is where the Church of the Nativity lays, and is speculated where Jesus was born.


IMG_5124image image Processed with VSCOcam with p9 presetDecember 25th (Christmas Day) in Jerusalem

Follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and visit the places where he had his last supper with his Apostles, where he carried the cross and where he is supposedly buried.


imageDecember 26th in Tiberias (Sea of Galilee)

After following the footsteps of Jesus’ life in Jerusalem, go up to the Sea of Galilee where you will follow the footsteps of where he shared his message.  This is where Jesus spent most of his life and ministry.  This is also where he walked on water and performed many of his miracles.  Once you arrive here, you will find this place to be extremely spiritual and there’s something special about this place as you visit the many cities along the sea.



imageDecember 27th at the Dead Sea

You must visit the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth.  The Dead Sea is where you can float on water and give yourself a good exfoliation by slathering yourself with the natural mud that is provided there.  Spend a good day there, relax and meet some new friends!



imageDecember 28th in Negev Desert

If you want to be transported back in time you must go visit the Negev Desert.  The Negev Desert is right between Jerusalem and Eiliat (near the Red Sea).  Visiting this spiritual desert you can’t help but wonder if this is how it looked during the days of Genesis.  Here you will run into the biggest crater in Israel and find yourself saying hello to the many Ibex (mountain goats) that roam the desert there.



imageDecember 29th in Tel Aviv

The last day we decided to relax in Tel Aviv and be amongst the city people.  This is where we explored the city, had some good food and enjoyed the magnificent sunset along Gordon Beach


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