Dubai for New Years!


What are you doing for New Years?  It’s a couple months away but if you’re like us, we usually like to start planning before the holiday kicks in and prices soar.  One of the best places we’ve been to for New Years is Dubai.  Why Dubai, you must be asking. Here are some reasons why:

  1. The weather is still in the 90s and you can lay out on the beach
  2. You meet people from all over the world
  3. Watch the best fireworks you will experience in your life in front of the tallest building in the world!

We hope that’s enough reason for you to check out Dubai for New Years.  The most expensive fireworks are in Dubai and it is an experience of a lifetime.  Below is a link of 2015 fireworks and be prepared to be blown away by the magnitude of how spectacular the show is:


Dubai Fireworks (watch)

Now that you are convinced, below are a few places to also check out while you’re in Dubai:


Burj Kalifa

This is the tallest building in the world and it stands 2.723 feet high!  Go here before it loses its claim, since there’s rumor that the Azerbaijan Tower in Baku, Azerbaijan is under construction and is projected to be over 3.400 feet.  Regardless, the Burj Kalifa is worth visiting and enjoy the fountain show that is every 30 minutes.  At night have dinner there and take in the performance of the fountain show dancing to music.


Burj Al Arab

Visit the world’s only seven star hotel and considered the most luxurious in the world!  The silhouette of the building is a symbolism of modern Dubai and it’s a sight to behold as you approach the hotel.  It looks as if it sits on an island of its own and by the Rolls Royce that are lined up in front of the hotel, you can’t help but feel as if you’ve been transported into a different world.  It’s a world of true luxury and lavishness, and you can’t help but feel a desire to taste it if even for a second.

Jumeirah Beach

Many of the great beaches are private but this is one of the best public beaches in Dubai.  It’s also situated right near the Burj Al Arab so you can surf or lay out while having the most luxurious hotel as your view.  The water is warm, the people are friendly and the public showers are pretty clean.

Things to consider:

Transportation: We recommend taking the taxis to get around as the infrastructure of the roads are the worst.  As modern as it is in Dubai, the street signs are so confusing you will be driving in circles.

Dress Attire: Dubai is pretty modern; however we do suggest dressing slightly conservative to respect the culture and the religion in Dubai.  Feel free to wear a bikini on the beach, however make sure to get covered up when going from the beach to a restaurant or shopping.

Getting to the Burj Kalifa on New Year’s Eve: Traffic gets really bad by 2pm on New Year’s Eve; therefore we suggest staying at a hotel near the vicinity.  Try to arrive at the building no later than 5pm to get a good spot.

We hope you consider Dubai for New Years and if you decide to go, please let us know!

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