Machu Picchu dreaming


Yep, This place won’t disappoint! It’s as amazing as it looks. Rain or sun Macchu Picchu is absolutely breathtaking. We were so excited to wake up and make our way to the top before anyone and enjoy the park to ourselves. However, we arose to pouring rain and fog making us wonder if we could even see Macchu Picchu. We unfortunately had to take the bus up to the top of the mountain where upon arrival we couldn’t see any mountains in front of us. We only planned for one day at Macchu Picchu and found ourselves re-evaluating our time. We decided to explore the maze-like grounds and of course I was on the prowl for Alpacas. The light mist turned into pouring rain and luckily we came prepared minus our tennis shoes! We decided to take cover for about an hour in the downpour. Not the most ideal situation, but we made the best of it.

After the rain began to subdue we decided to hike Montana Mountain (purchased tickets in advance about $51 with entrance into park, check in no later then by 11am). It’s about a three hour round trip hike climbing to 10,000 feet and was very steep and strenuous. Highly recommended for all hiking enthusiasts. The misty cloud covered hike was filled with steep cliff side ledges that made the adventure even more exciting. It may sound scary and not for the faint of heart but you’ll never experience anything like it in your lifetime. Once you get to the summit it overlooks the entire valley of Macchu Picchu. With the overcast light we could see glimpses of the mountains giving us an exciting hint of what’s to come.

Montana hike

Montana Hike

After we made our climb down from Montana my face dropped and our imaginations blossomed. There was Macchu Picchu in all of its glory! In that one surreal moment I will never forget the thought that kept creeping into my mind “ Wait, am I really here? Is that really Machhu Picchu?” It was prettygreat guys! I was just relieved those clouds moved out of the way just in time to see it.





• Train from Cusco > Augus Caliente * $127 round trip
• All you really need is one day. But if you can hike the Inca trail. I’ve heard from multiple sources its worth every cent.
• Booked a hostel in Augus Caliente- only city to stay in
• There are no cars here, so the only option is to either hike in or take the train

There are two ways to do Macchu Picchu- wake up at 5am to hike up a set of stairs and switch back roads to the entrance of the park, which you will more then likely have the park to yourself. Like they say the early bird gets the worm! Or get on the first bus that departs at 5:30am. There is still a line that early, so make sure you wake up early just to get a head start in line. The bus stop is on the main road in town. The only road, that’s how small Auguas Caliente is.

• Book your hike to Huayna Picchu at least 5 days in advance, only 400 spaces available per day. There are two slots 7-8am and 10-11am.
• Bring bug spray
• Bring food/water. There is a place you can eat that has a few different options to eat at, but personally I would bring your own food.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with us, please feel free to email us at

xx, Courtney

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