Memories that Stick Around


So you may or may not have heard of this little thing called Instagram… or maybe Facebook? Chances are you have… but have you heard of Sticky9? With Sticky9 you can now take pictures from your accounts, or an account that you’re following, and print little square magnets!!

I thought it would be fun to print a few magnets of all of the amazing places we’ve traveled so now every time I go to the fridge I get to see the Taj Mahal or the awesome sunsets in Costa Rica! I no longer have to head to my social media, I get to have them printed out and up to see all the time.

Print out your own magnets from your images or from accounts you follow, CLICK HERE.

You can apply promo code FRIEND14HG5 for 15% off...oh and best yet, you get FREE shipping worldwide!! We loved these and thought you might too! Enjoy!






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