Never get lost again!


Whats worst then getting lost in the car- while trying to find the closest gas station, your hotel, your hiking trail that is located in a remote area; with no GPS access, no wifi, or nobody to ask for the right directions or in o you can’t understand them because they don’t speak your language. Well don’t you worry guys, I found the solution to all of that, FINALLY.

Its an app called Offline & Rounting: 

  • Offline maps {Use everywhere in the world}
  • Save Money with no internet/roaming charges
  • Navigate Easy, and you always know where you are
  • Explore points of interest { Search 120 types of objects on a highly detailed map. Such as: gas stations, tourist destinations, atm machines, hiking (my favorite) and much much more!
  • Features walking directions- the most accurate and quickest route to your destination


Side note: Just make sure you download the country you are going to before hand so it is all registered into your phone. Then you are good to go!

Also, I’ve been asked where I got my adorable leather clutch at and let me tell you  that  i’ve been obsessing over this thing. Its called the Mexicana Clutch by Cleobella. It has been a life savor in all my travels only because I lose everything. But not anymore because it has the right slots for everything including my phone and passport. It has two Zippers that helps organize your currency, checks, coupons anything that you want to tuck away and never lose. Lets just say every girl should probably get one, and it comes in an assortment of colors.



You’ll never lose anything again nor get lost! Happy Traveling to you all!

xx, Courtney

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