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imageWhen traveling, many people tend to buy souvenirs for their family and friends they’ve visited, however never buy anything for themselves or the people they travel with.  We have been traveling for over three years now and something we do that have become a tradition is to buy a cute souvenir that we can wear during our trip.  Each little souvenir that we have worn now leaves a memory and helps us remember how special each trip was.

It first started when we went to Costa Rica, where Candice found four cute friendship bracelets that we wore around during our trip.  We also wore matching headbands during the trip which made it really fun as it was such a staple for the trip since the climate was hot and humid.

When we were all in New York, Stephanie got us all matching pink gloves and socks to wear as we were there during the winter.  It was really fun to have people comment on our matching gloves.  Every time we wear the gloves, we think of all the fun places that was visited during our trip in New York.

Every trip I would bring a set of makeup that has a theme based on where we travel.  If we travel somewhere hot and tropical, each girl will have a few makeup items that help create a sun-kissed look.  If we travel somewhere cold, we will have a set of essentials for hydrated and radiant skin.  This has become a tradition that we love to do and is so much fun!

Next time you plan to travel with your friends, get something cute for everybody on the trip. You can take turns and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Every time you see the cute souvenir in your pictures or wear them after traveling, you will remember how special your friends are to you and will cherish the memories!

XO – Judes

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