Road trip to Santa Barbara


We just had the best time doing a road trip to Santa Barbara! This town is so adorable. Its the perfect place for a quick trip.  We had so much fun walking around the town, shopping in the cutest little boutique shops, eating incredible food, and loving all the palm trees along the coast down by the pier. What more could us girls want, right?!  We even made time to enjoy a hike to Inspiration Point.  This was a great hike that was not too long or too hard.  The trail is 3.75 round trip.  Once you get to the top you get a beautiful view of the city and the Channel Islands.  The hike is still a good climb so pack water.  If you get the chance to do this hike make sure to also check out Seven Falls Hike.  Its on the same path as Inspiration but you turn off the trail and head up a bit higher.  You want to do that hike if it has recently rained.  Unfortunately, for us we did not do it because there was no water up at the falls.

We are always excited to try new places to eat while traveling and we found some great spots in Santa Barbara!  If you are looking for something fresh and pretty healthy we recommend SAVOY CAFE & DELI.  We went for lunch and had the best salad from the salad bar and amazing sandwiches!  For dinner we hit up OLIO PIZZERIA. Yum…  Amazing pizza and the ambiance is quite perfect inside with dim lighting and a good vibe!  We will definitely be back!

We are big fans of road trips and we cant wait for when we make our way back up the coast to Santa Barbara again because we LOVED that town!!

XO- Candice

Directions to Trail Head

Make your way on Tunnel Rd to the parking area. Warning: if your tires are not completely within the parking line, and your car sticks out into the road, you will be towed. Seriously. On weekends most of the parking areas near the top of Tunnel Rd are filled with cars, so you will likely have to park quite a bit further down. Walk to the end of Tunnel Rd until you reach a metal gate, where the trail head begins. Enjoy!



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