Smooth, Clear and Radiant Skin without the Clarisonic!

BIO Super Exfoliating Discs

BIO Super Exfoliating Discs BIO Super Refining Essence


We all would love to have skin that is consistently smooth, clear and radiant but unfortunately when it comes to traveling, we put all our favorite jars of exfoliating scrubs and Clarisonic devices behind.  Since we travel so much, we have found the perfect product that is not only the perfect exfoliation that leaves our skin radiant with vibrant clarity but is portable as well!  Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Exfoliating Discs and Shiseido ‘Bio-Performance’ Super Refining Essence has worked wonders on our skin.  The exfoliating discs come eight in a box and are individually wrapped so it’s perfect for traveling. Each disc is dual-sided, one for exfoliation and the other for polishing and smoothing the skin with micro-precision.  Finish the skin using the Super Refining Essence and you’ll wake up the next day seeing instant results!

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  • Lori Carroll

    I agree, Shiseido is a really a nice cosmetic line. The exfoliating packets are such a good idea for traveling. I wish more cosmetic companies would get on board and sell more travel sized products. Please keep us in the loop of more great travel friendly products that you come across.