The Lost City of Petra


Petra is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Jordan, tucked away in the mountains just south of the Dead Sea. This city is referred to as the “lost city” because it was completely hidden to outsiders until the 1800′s. Many of you might have heard of it as it became widely known from the Indiana Jones movie, The Last Crusades. Well, it’s true, it does exist and we hope you do chose wisely and add this to your bucket list. The city truly is amazing, after paying the entrance fee of 50 JOD which is approximately 70 USD, you can either walk or ride a horse or take a carriage from the entrance to the main gate. We wanted the full touristy experience so you better believe we forked out a little extra cash to enjoy a little horse back ride.


You’ll then walk through a narrow winding valley carved between massive rocks. You’ll begin seeing men selling camel rides here. As you continue on it becomes less narrow and then opens up to the most amazing monument in all of Petra, the Treasury! Completely made of sandstone, the Treasury is carved into the side of the mountain and will take your breath away… it is believed to have been carved in the first century BC and is considered a top wonder of the world by UNESCO and the Smithsonian Magazine who categorized it in the top 28 places to see before you die. Unfortunately you’re not allowed in but grab some pictures and take in the views. Once you’re ready to move on, negotiate a good price for a camel or donkey ride down to see more of the city. We explored a few caves and tombs and enjoyed discussing the history of this ancient world wonder with some of the locals.


For an even more amazing experience, plan to do a night tour of Petra and look into staying the night in the caves or camping under the stars with the Bedouins. There are a few options out there and for those who are not big on camping there are accommodations within walking distance to the entrance  as well. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

XO, Stephanie

  • Entrance
  • Army march
    Army march

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