Untza Untza Untza


Do you have a big trip planned? Or maybe you’re just planning to spend some time relaxing in the park? Well if you’re anything like us then that means you’re loading up your iPhone with some good tunes to zone out to. Make sure you can enjoy those beats to the fullest with a good pair of headphones/earbuds. We are in LOVE with the Bose QuietComfort 20i noise cancelling earbuds!! They are definitely pricey but they take the sound quality to a whole new level!

If you’ve ever been on a flight or taken the subway you know just how much outside noise can muffle your music or movie audio. Well that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. You can enjoy the earbuds in what they call the awareness mode where you can still hear noises around you while enjoying your music or movies. Then, with the flip of a switch you can go to a silent noise-cancelling, prime listening experience! If I’m on a long flight I’ll even just turn the noise cancelling on to help me catch some shuteye in peace and quiet. Don’t leave home without them and always make sure they are in your carry-on and easily accessible!!



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