Zion National Park


WOW, who would ever think that hiking in knee deep water would be so much fun. We went to Zion National Park, and decided to hike The Narrows. It’s the most popular hike in Zion, and one of the worlds best canyon hikes. You are hiking in cold water from the Virgin River on slippery rocks. Make sure to wear closed toed shoes. We wore old tennis shoes but there is rental places you can rent from if you are worried about using your own shoes. Approaching the hike from the bottom-up is the most popular. You can also try for a permit and backpack in from the top to the bottom. As you make your way through the narrow canyon, be prepared to be wowed by the soaring sandstone canyon walls.  We found a few areas where water was coming off the wall. We had so much fun hiking all day and you better believe, we will definitely be doing this hike again!

Ways To Hike The Zion Narrows

  1. Day hike from the bottom and back. No permit required. 6 miles round trip. 4-5 hours
  2. Day hike from top to bottom. Permit required. 16 miles one way. 12 hours
  3. Overnight hike from the top to bottom. Permit required. 16 miles one way. 2 days

Best season to hike the Narrows is June-September. Be careful because flash floods are the most serious hazard in the narrows. August is the month with the heaviest rain so make sure the weather is showing good conditions for when you do the hike. Have fun! You will love it.


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